Can Cockatiels Eat Poop?

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As a concerned bird owner, it’s natural to question what our feathered friends can and cannot consume. One peculiar query often arises: can cockatiels eat poop? In this article, we will dive into the topic, providing expert insights and ultimately conveying a succinct yet comprehensive answer to this intriguing query.

So, can cockatiels eat poop? The answer is no, and this is not recommended for several logical reasons.

Can Cockatiels Eat Poop

Cockatiels, popularly known for their friendly disposition and striking crests, have specific dietary requirements to maintain their well-being. While these birds are known to peck at various items out of curiosity, it is crucial to distinguish between their exploratory behaviors and their actual dietary needs.

Can Cockatiels Eat Poop?

Cockatiels are known to exhibit some unusual behavior, including occasionally ingesting their own feces or the feces of other birds. While this behavior may seem gross or concerning, it is actually quite common and is considered a normal part of their natural instincts.

There are a few reasons why cockatiels eat poop:

– Study on coprophagy in birds
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Personal Experience:
While coprophagy is a natural behavior for cockatiels, it is important to provide them with a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients to minimize the need for such behavior. I have found that by ensuring my cockatiel receives a varied diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets, I have observed a decrease in coprophagy.


In conclusion, the article explores the question of whether cockatiels can eat poop. After analyzing various expert opinions and scientific studies, it is evident that cockatiels do not naturally eat poop and it is not a recommended part of their diet. While some instances of coprophagy may be observed, they are typically attributed to specific deficiencies or disturbances in the bird’s health. Although coprophagy is considered normal in some animal species, cockatiels should not be encouraged to consume feces due to potential health risks and nutrient imbalances. It is crucial for cockatiel owners to provide a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure the well-being of their beloved pets.

Can cockatiels eat their own poop?

No, it is not healthy or normal for cockatiels to eat their own poop. While some birds engage in coprophagy, which is the consumption of feces, it is not considered a natural behavior for cockatiels. Eating poop can be a sign of nutritional deficiency or digestive issues, and it is essential to address the underlying cause if you notice this behavior in your pet. Providing a well-balanced diet and ensuring a clean and stress-free environment can help prevent this behavior.

Can cockatiels eat other birds’ poop?

It is not advisable for cockatiels to eat other birds’ poop. The droppings of other birds may contain harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause infections and diseases. Additionally, it is not a healthy practice for the overall well-being of your cockatiel. It is crucial to prevent them from accessing waste materials of other birds to maintain their health and prevent potential illnesses.

Why does my cockatiel try to eat its poop?

Cockatiels may exhibit behaviors of eating their poop due to various reasons. One possible cause is nutritional deficiency. If a cockatiel is lacking essential nutrients in their diet, they may resort to consuming their droppings in a desperate attempt to obtain these missing nutrients. Another reason could be boredom or stress. Cockatiels are intelligent and social birds, and if they are not provided with enough mental and physical stimulation, they may engage in abnormal behaviors like eating their poop. It is important to evaluate the diet and environment of your cockatiel and make necessary adjustments to prevent this behavior. If the issue persists, consulting with a veterinarian is recommended for further guidance.

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